[2002] Tijdschrift Nr. 12-2002, Poptronics, Gernsback

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Tijdschrift Nr. 12-2002, Poptronics, Popular Electronics, The Magazine for the Hands-On Electronics Activist, uitgave Gernsback Publications Inc., Hauppauge Ny USA
Kenmerken; afm. ca hxb 26,5 x 20cm, 80+pp., tijdschrift paperback, geïllustreerd, kleurendruk,

tekst in de Engelse taal.

De inhoud/ Content: Features/ Rudolph the light-sensing reindeer, simulate the cipo-clop of hooves upon your roof, / The Mappers Part 1, avoid frustation and test out your network's cable runs with ease and accuracy,

Product Reviews/ Hands-On report, evaluating the performance of Black Cat Systems'GM-10 Geiger Counter -Radiation Detector PC peripheral. / Gizmo, Take a peek at some of the newest consumer electronics ranging from plasma screens to mobile video systems. Departments/ Surveying the digital domain, Make sure your computer is up to snuff. / Computer bits, take a crash course in identifying and avoiding cyber infections on your computer. / Peak computing, this month we have some great gift ideas for the tech-heads on your list./ All About, continuing with the theory of modulation this month we examine SSB communication. / Q&A , Readers ask about the function of diacs and the whereabouts of aged ftp files. / PIC-Tronics, learn how you can look-up tables to make your PIC programming more efficient. / Service Clinic, here's a great primer for those interested in the intricacies of ballsts and fixtures for fluorescent lighting. / Basic Cirvuitry, Learn how to build your own pickup cicuits designe for listening to the symphony of nature. And more: Editoral, Yesterday news, Poptronics shopper,

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Tijdschrift in goede conditie.
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