[1983] Commodore 64 Programmer’s Ref. Guide, Commodore

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[1983] Commodore 64 Programmer’s Ref. Guide, Commodore
Commodore 64, Programmer’s Reference Guide,
published by Commodore Business Machines, Inc. © 1982 First Edition, fourth printing 1983. Boek in de Engelse taal, CBM (UK) LTD ref. 22056.
Afm. hb ca 21,5 x 13,5 cm, 18+486pag. + QRC + Schematic Diagram ( form. A3 ) © 1982, ringband softcover.
This Guide tells you everything you need to know about your Commodore 64, a must for everyone from the beginner to the advanced programmer. For the beginner, the most complicated topics are explained with many sample programs and easy-to-read writing style. For the advanced programmer, this book has been subjected to heavy pre-testing with your needs in mind.
Table of contents; Introduction, Basic programming rules, Basic language vocabulary, Programming graphics on the Commodore64, Programming sound and music on your Commodore64, Back to machine language, Input?Output guide, Appendices, Index, commodore64 Quick Reference Card (QRC) Schematic diagram of the Commodore64.
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