[1979] DOS Instructional and Reference Guide, DOS 3.2,…

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Disk Operating System Instructional and Reference Guide, The Do's and Don'ts of DOS/ DOS 3.2,

A Manual for Using the APPLE II with DOS Version 3.2 , written by P.Cole and B. Howard,

published by and © 1979 Apple Computer Inc., Prod. Nr.A2L0012( 030-0011-01 ).
Afmeting hb ca, 21,5 x 15cm, 178ppag., ringband softcover, Illustrated, Engelse Taal.

Table of contents:

Preface, Installation and Handling, Getting Started, Exercising Options, Playing Safe, More "Housekeeping" Information, Using Sequential files, Auto APPLE, Using Random-Access Files, Using Machine-Language Files, Input/Output and Chaining, Appendices: A to G/ File Types used with DOS Commands/ DOS Messages/ Format of Diskette Information/ Memory Usage/ DOS Entry Points and Schematics/ Summary of DOS Commands/ Summary of DOS Procedures, Indices: General-/ Program- and Message-Index, Index to DOS Commands- and Procedure Summaries, Quick Reference Card DOS v3.2

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