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Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and TV Engineers, Vol.79 No. 7

( This issue in Two Parts )Part 1- july 1970, Published by SMPTE Inc. NY.
Kenmerken; afmeting ca hxb 28,5 x 21 cm, 98 ppag. (genummerd 579-676),

tijdschrift geniet, geïllustreerd, Engelse taal.

Contents: Trends in TV-Recording, Photo-instrumentation and the Society, Quantitative motion Analysis From Rotating Mirror Framing Camera Records, Use of Expanded Laser beam to Analyze High-Intensity Electric Fields, Photografic Technique in the study of Internal Stresses in Laser Rods, Photografic Support in Laser Technology, Holografic Motion Picture Microscopy, The Use of Fiber Optics to Study Objects on a Vibration Table,

The Electroluminesent Panel as e Binary Light Source, Cloud Photogrammetry From Airborne Time-Lapse Photography, Applications of Slow-Scan TV Systems to Plannetary Exploration, Operation of the Surveyor TV System in the Photon-Integration Mode, Apollo Black-and-White TV Scan Converter, Abstracts-Photographic Patents/ Scientific and Technical Literature, 108th Technical Conference and Equipment Exhibit, 9th International Congress on Jigh-Speed Photography, Contents on Inside back cover/ News Columns/ Advertisers.

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