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XDUOO X3II DIGITAL AUDIO PLAYERAK4490 DSD128 PCM 384kHz / 32bit OPA1652 LMH6643 Hiby Bluetooth / USB DAC

Knock Out Awards
The X3 II received the distinction Knock Out Awards.

This mobile digital reader is able to make the most of your high-resolution tracks wherever you are. It is equipped with a chip AKM4490 traditionnaly found in sedentary high fidelity DACs and has impressive decoding capabilities (114dB SNR), which will highlight the quality of your headphones or IEM.

This component is well known for its hard-to-match sound precision and unconventional versatility when it comes to decode many different file formats. The device can thus support the DSF formats, FDF, ISO, DSD (up DSD128), DXD, FLAC, APE, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, MP3, AAC, WMA, CUE, M3U, M3U8 without flinching .

The AKM4490 chip is especially impressive because of its capacity of adaptation. it offers more than 10 memory sets of EQ, 2 reconstruction filters and 18 types of balance / sound effects that can compensate for the shortcomings of a headset as well as emphasize its qualities. All these possibilities will allow the user to find the best sound to match the rest of the audio equipment without degrading all the functions that the device has to offer.

Its integration into the DAP leverages hardware capabilities of the chip in every aspect. This makes X3II a rich device that comfortable from the first listen. Particularly appreciate a gentle sequence of tracks (no audible cut).

Widescreen & intuitive interface
The X3II xDuooo has a backlit display with convenient dimensions (50 x 37 mm). This facilitates readability and handling of the device.

Question accessibility xDuooo sought to make the most intuitive system possible. No touch screen, but the buttons with excellent tactile feedback. The volume buttons are identifiable by touch and after a few hours of use, all read operations fall naturally under the fingers, allowing to stay focused (especially while driving).

Listed software accessibility, the device integrates a multi-language software that fully supports both French and English without the need to update.

X3-II the player has the USB connectors latest (USB-C). It is completely up to date and can work long with the latest devices and future without requiring adapateur or less stable solutions.

By default, the USB-C port is used to recharge the mobile player, but it can also make the file transfer. This means that it is not essential to be equipped with a micro-SD card reader to update its library.

For BTW, the device can be integrated into a more complex system (or even serve as a basis for such a facility) through its USB DAC support allowing him to assume the role of external DAC. In this configuration, the X3II operates its C-USB port to lend its excellent decoding capabilities to a computer, SBC, USB CD player ... etc.

The converse is also possible: the X3II can be connected to another external DAC via USB to borrow this time, its decoding capabilities. This function however requires that the DAC in question has an OTG support.

Capacity Battery
X3II the home xDuooo has a lithium-polymer battery of high capacity 2000 mAh. The latter offers over 13 hours of music (can vary slightly according to the helmet model / the use of connectors without son ... etc.).

The reader includes a BMS (battery management system) including all the protections to ensure system stability while preserving battery premature wear.

The device offers a power plan designed to adapt to the cars power. It will then connect to the 5V power supply of a vehicle and will automatically go to sleep after a few minutes if the engine is off.

Finally, a power saving mode gives the user the task of configuring a countdown to the out-power the drive. The X3II has 6 profiles for this purpose: 5 minutes / 10 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour / 2 hours. This feature is particularly useful for night audiophiles who like to fall asleep to music.

Compatible with micro SD card 256GB
The X3II is compatible with micro-SD card (support SD / SDHC / SDXC) memory up to 256GB.
Is enough memory to store more than 6,000 tracks in high definition (40mb / track).

The micro SD slot is also used to upgrade the firmware of the device up to date to take advantage of the latest software enhancements of the unit.

Wireless Connectivity
In addition to its physical connectivity, DAP has a bluetooth connectivity Bidirectional 4.0. Thus, it will stream the audio stream directly to a Bluetooth headset without using a connector / additional converter. A particularly practical feature for cars equipped with the Bluetooth system since a passenger with a X3II will be able to play its audio library throughout the vehicle without further configuration than a traditional pairing.

The Hiby Link Support controls the remote reader from a smartphone / tablet / or any other Bluetooth device. A comfortable setting that will leave time to allow plug the system and its control the distance while going about his business.

PARTS SUPPLIEDxDuoo Player x3IIx1Cable Usb-C male / male USB-Ax1Jack Cable 3.5 stereo male / male stereo jack 3.5x1Protective film for screenx2 (one already mounted)User manualx1Instructions Warrantyx1CHARACTERISTICSTypeNomad Digital Audio PlayerOutput Power210 mW (THD + N 75dBRatio Signal / Noise>114dBTHD+N0.0015% @ 1kHz / 32╬ęBatteryLithium-ionCapacity2000 mAh (approximately 13h)Loading timeFast charge: <3H
Normal load: <5HWeight112gDimensions102.5 x 51.5 x 14.9 mm

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