XDUOO X3 DAP Digital Audio Player 24Bit/192Khz DSD CS4…

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2x 128GB kaart mogelijk als opslag!

The XDuoo X3 is a high-quality DAP digital player with 24bit 192khz DSD 2.8Mhz with two MicroSD Card readers for greater capacity and long hours of playback.

The largest capacity MicroSD Card market:
You can store more than 5000 files in Lossless quality and 50000 in MP3 with two MicroSD Card of 128GB each.
The xDuoo X3 is the player with the largest storage capacity MicroSD Card on the market.

xDuoo X3, an aluminum enclosure:
Entirely in aluminum with a beautiful OLED HD display of 1.3 inches for less than 100g, here is a simple DAP of use at affordable High Definition and compatible with many formats.
In addition, the xDuoo has an intelligent detection system with a fixed line output and a variable output on 3.5mm jack.

An audiophile analog output:
xDuoo, of course, offers a quality analog output with two OPA 1612 and a bipolar amplifier TI LM6643 compatible with headphones from 8 to 150Ohm.
The analog output does not have any capacitors that are coupled to the output circuit for better bass definition.

A digital design to the height:
The digital part includes a CS4398 DAC managed by an Ingenic JZ4760B MCU at 600Mhz. The software part is under Linux.

  • Micro USB to connect a computer to copy its audio files.
  • 2 Micro SDCard card readers 128gb maximum (256g available simultaneously).

Analog Connectors:

  • 3.5mm jack for headphones with impedance from 8 to 150Ohm.
  • A fixed line output 1.5V rms on 3.5mm jack.

Supported music formats:

  • PCM: 16-24BIT / 44.1KHZ-192KHZ.

Main Features :
Output power: 250mW (on 32ohm load).
Helmet impedance desired: 8 ~ 150Ohm.
Line output level: 1.5V rms.
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20Khz.
Total harmonic distortion (THD): 0.002% (at 1Khz).
Signal Noise Ratio: 112Db.
Dimensions: 105.5x45x14mm.
Weight: 100g.

The package contains:

  • An X3 player.
  • A USB cable.
  • A protective screen.



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