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DAP XDUOO NANO D3Hifi Music Player 24bit 192kHz DSD256

xDuoo , with its Nano D3 digital music player, delivers a powerful, compact, stylish and durable player. It turns out to be an ideal companion to enjoy your music in high quality, wherever you are!

DSD256 and PCM 24bit 192kHz
The xDuoo Nano D3, a highly audiophile player, supports playback of high quality files, PCM up to 24bit 192kHz and DSD256 native . So you can rediscover your favorite tracks with an impressive level of detail!

Predifined & Custom EQ
To adapt to all types of music and types of listening, the Nano D3 integrates several predefined equalizers: Bass, Heavy Metal, Pop, Jazz and Unique. Better than that, if you want to customize your own equalizer for a truly personalized sound experience. By choosing the Custom EQ, you will be able to act on 5 frequency ranges.

Many supported formats
The Nano D3 lets you play all the most common (and less common) audio file formats, from DSF to MP3 to FLAC. It also offers CUE files, so you can view the metadata of each music and segment your albums into tracks.
This DAP also allows you to resume playing your music where you left off or to view the lyrics of your audio file.

A large storage space
Basic, the xDuoo Nano D3 has a built-in 8GB storage space. In addition, it offers a Micro SD port that acceptscards up to 256GB . What store many high quality audio files, for many hours of listening.

An HD screen for intuitive navigation
The Nano D3 hosts a 2 "High Definition IPS screen with a resolution of 240 x 320px, which will allow you to enjoy intuitive and visual navigation, thanks to an aesthetic and simple interface. In addition, it allows you to enjoy richer information about your songs.

Designed for your travels
Who says DAP, says use on the move. As a result, xDuoo has worked to provide a device that is easily transportable while being stylish and strong. Thus, the Nano D3 has a reduced size of 83 x 45 x 13mm is the size of a business card to slip easily into a pocket and a weight of 70g. In addition, its 100% fully sandblasted aluminum case gives it a sober and elegant design, while ensuring a high resistance to shocks.

20h of music !
The 900mAh battery of this player will allow you to enjoy your music without interruption for 20 hours. No risk of running out of battery during a long trip. Moreover for a full charge the Nano D3 requires only 3h!

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