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Schitternde dac, voorversterker met de laatste bluetooth versies incl afstandsbediening,en hoofdtelefoonaansluiting, zeer compleet!

In zwart en zilver leverbaar!

Topping dx3 pro v2dac 2x ak4493eq headphone amplifier tpa6120a2 bluetooth ldac xmos xu208 32bit 768khz dsd512

the dac combo and headphone amplifier dx3 pro from topping returns in a revised and improved v2, benefiting in particular from new practical features and ensuring even better audio performance.

However, it takes up the excellent base of its older brother in order to offer an efficient and affordable device.

Bluetooth 5.0 Ldac if the dx3 pro already had bluetooth connectivity, it is enhanced in this v2.

The csr8675 chip offers bluetooth in version 5.0 And supports, in addition to aptx and aptx-hd for high audio quality, ldac, which allows 24-bit file playback.

In addition, the internal dac of the csr8675 chip is not used.

This is directly linked to the two ak4493 dacs, which are much more efficient, for digital/analog decoding.

Usb xmos xu208
the xmos xu208 chip used for the usb interface of the dx3 pro v2 supports files with high sampling rates.

Thus, using this usb input it is possible to enjoy pcm files up to 32bit 768khz and up to dsd512 native.

Topping also took the time to offer a custom version of the thesycon usb driver to ensure better compatibility with computers running windows.

Dual ak4493 dac the heart of the dx3 pro v2 is most certainly its digital-to-analog conversion stage. It uses two akm ak4493eq chips, one per channel, which greatly contributes to the audio performance of the device and also allows it to support high sampling rates.

S/pdif ak4118 receiver on the s/pdif coaxial and toslink optical inputs side, the dx3 pro v2 uses an excellent akm ak4118 receiver chip to get the most out of these connectors, supporting pcm sampling rates up to 24bit 192khz.

Dac + preamplifier application
the dx3 pro v2 offers the possibility to be used as a dac combo and preamplifier to be associated with an amplifier or active speakers.

To do this, simply set the output mode to preamplifier.

The signal is decoded by the dac section of the dx3 pro v2 and the volume level can be adjusted directly via the front panel button or the supplied remote control.

Tpa6120a2 headphone amplifier the dx3 pro v2 also features a very good headphone amplification stage based on a tpa6120a2 chip.

It allows to develop a power of 2x 700mw under 32ω or 2x 125mw @ 300ω allowing the dx3 pro v2 to accompany a very large majority of headsets. In addition, the gain is selectable, in 0db or 9db.

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