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The Whispered World is een 3de persoons point&click
Beschrijving van het spel:
Sadwick is a clown but not a very happy one. He neither
likes the circus nor his normal life and is always depressed.
In addition, since a few days he's having nightmares. In them,
a figure of light predicts that he will be responsible for the
destruction of the world. But although Sadwick may not be
very happy with his life, he isn't suicidal. So he decides to
travel to the king's palace in Corona to prevent the
destruction of world - at least that's what he thinks.
At his side: the player and his only friend in the world, the
caterpillar Spot.
In a traditional point & click-adventure way, the player moves
Sadwick around the world, collects everything that isn't nailed
to a wall, talks to the various NPCs scattered around the dozen
of screens in each of the four acts and ultimately uses
everything to solve the many riddles in the game to move the
story forward. This includes combining items, dialogue-puzzles
and even a few mini-games including a chess-challenge. Spot
also plays a big part in solving many riddles, as he can transform
himself into five forms. Once the player has unlocked these
forms by solving specific riddles during the course of the game,
Spot can spit fire, make himself as weighty as a rock or as flat
as a fluke which is especially useful, if the player needs someone
on the other side of a door. For a short period of time near the
end of the game, the player will even take solely control the
little fellow.
Although the game features a very detailed comic-graphic it
isn't a gagfest but more of a fairy-tale. The humor is subtle
and the laughs come mostly from Sadwicks cynical comments
and his own misfortune making it a more mature
Windows XP/Vista-32 Bit (speelt ook op windows 7)
Pentium Processor with 2.0 GHz
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 256 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
DVD-rom drive
3 GB free hard disk space
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