Score 4 Nieuw Geseald! Zoek en Vind Spellen

  • Aantal keer bekeken 160x bekeken
  • Datum geplaatst 2 jaar geleden geplaatst


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In Score 4 zitten 3 hidden object spellen en een 3 Matching Game.
De spellen zijn:
Treasure Masters Inc.
Magic Encyclopedia
Insider Tales the Stolen Venus
Curse of Montezuma
Alle spellen zijn in het Engels!
Korte beschrijving van de spellen:
Treasure Masters Inc. is een hidden object spel.
Join Gordon Jones on a globetrotting adventure to unearth an
amazing artifact from the bowels of a lost ship. As Gordon and
his grandfather race to the treasure with their enemies in close
pursuit, you'll take on exhilarating object hunting challenges,
solve dozens of ingenious puzzles and play relaxing mini-games.
Along the way, you'll become wrapped up in a captivating story,
learn about the secret world of treasure hunters and enjoy
scene-after-scene of spectacular artwork!
Insider Tales the Stolen Venus is een hidden object spel.
It's the biggest art robbery in decades: Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus"
has been stolen! Just yesterday there were hundreds of visitors,
elbowing their way through the crowd to have a glimpse at the
masterpiece... whereas today only the frame and the bare wall are
waiting to be looked at. Help inspector Francesca di Porta solve her
case in this mysterious hidden object game with an intriguing story
of suspicion, prosecution and conspiracy!
Magic Encyclopedia is een hidden object spel.
agic Encyclopedia: First Story takes you on a journey of magic and
wonder as you guide a young lady on a quest to find her brother
and stop the manifestation of a terrible evil. As you search beautiful
hand-painted scenes for hidden objects, solve cunning puzzles and
enjoy delightful mini-games, you'll move ever closer to the startling
discovery at the end of the journey! Hours of relaxing gameplay that
will stimulate your mind and enchant your spirit lie ahead so don't
Curse of Montezuma is een 3 Matching Game.
With millions of lives hanging in the balance, it's up to you to match
thousands of glittering gems along web-like latticework and unleash
astonishing powers that can help Cathie reach her goal. An exciting
storyline brought to life by stunning artwork and captivating
gameplay that will draw you into the depths of a forgotten jungle
are just a few of the remarkable features that will make Curse of
Montezuma an extraordinary experience for your entire family!
Windows XP/Vista (spelen ook op 7)
CPU 600 MHz or faster
256 MB of RAM
DirectX 7.0
Hard drive space 295 MB
Het spel komt in een klein doosje van Viva Media en is nieuw
en geseald!
De verzendkosten voor dit spel zijn 2,30 euro.
Wilt u nog meer leuke avonturen- of hidden object spellen
bekijken? Kijk dan eens even in mijn winkeltje. Alvast bedankt!

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