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Ludic Luidsprekerbekabeling

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lengte 3 mtr (setprijs)
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Introducing a new Dutch cable brand, with a goal to set new Affordable standards in the audio world.
At Ludic Audio we wanted to try something new.

Today's high end audio provides some unique products,but the prices are sometimes not of this world .

We thought; why not make affordable cables,without lost of quality?

2 Dutch brothers decided to start the company Ludic Audio in the summer of 2015. The goal was to make a company that was able to deliver cables to people like himself a price-conscience Hi-Fi enthusiast.

By doing our manufacturing by a well know big manufactor ,Ludic Audio cuts a lot of profits and therefore saves you at the end of the chain a lot of money.

This way,Ludic Audio provides outstanding value for money, compared to the household cable your local dealer might have with a lot of profits.

Through 30 years of combined experience and extensive product testing, Ludic Audio believes that we're qualified to state that we know how to develop products with the right compromises, in order to bring premium quality cables directly to you at the lowest possible price.

Durablc Gold-Plated Internal Shield
Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold Contacts.
Heavy-Duty Internal Dual Strain Relief
High-Density Triple-Layer Shielding for Maximum Noise Rejection
Nitrogen(Nz) Gas-Injected Dielectric for Maximum Signal Strength
Plug to Plug with OD.-10mm
RoHs Compliant
Cable with pearl Grey PVC jacket + Nylon Sleeve
Metal housing

Ludic Audio is een Nederlands product, No-nonsens prijzen voor bekabeling die zowel uit goede materialen is opgebouwd als een nette afwerking.

Geen belachelijke hoge prijzen maar betaalbare kwaliteit!!
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