Journey to the Moon Nieuw !

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Dit betreft een 1ste persoons point&click avonturenspel.
Het spel is ook uitgegeven onder de naam Voyage.
Beschrijving van het spel:
Voyage is a point-and-click adventure inspired by Jules Verne's
two novels From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon.
But unlike those two books, the main character actually makes it
to the moon surface, although his two companions do not survive
the trip.
As the game begins, Michel Ardan explores the space capsule in
which he and his co-travellers arrived. The time period is the early
20th century and the interior of the capsule is depicted with plush
velvet cushions, brass details and gadgets derived from the
science of the time. Eventually, after discovering the cause of his
companions' deaths, Michel can leave the capsule and explore the
moon. Strange landscapes and unusual creatures and beings await
Eventually Michel will discover Selenite City, home of the Selenites,
an ancient and highly intelligent lunar race. With each step of the
journey, questions arise as to the fate of the Selenite people: Did
they deteriorate, like so many of the statues they left behind? Did
they leave the surface to seek refuge in the center of the moon?
Once players answer these questions, they may find their way back
to earth with news of their fantastic discoveries.
Intermixed into the story line are various types of puzzles that
involve logic and deduction. Communications and finding important
inventory objects to use are included the puzzle mix. You'll also find
several puzzles based upon sound and music. Learning an alien
language also comes into play. As you discover new things and
solve the various challenges, you'll receive points that increase
Michel's IQ. As that IQ rises, more complicated solutions become
available, supposedly adding to the replay value of the game.
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP (speelt ook op Vista maar NIET op
Windows 7)
Pentium III 800 MHz
64 MB DirectX 9 compatible Video Card
16 x CD-rom/Dvd-rom drive
DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers
1.4 GB free Hard disk space
Het spel komt in een dvd-box met engelstalig manual en
2 cd-roms. Het spel is geheel nieuw alleen niet geseald.
De verzendkosten voor dit spel zijnĀ 3,00 euro.
Een nederlandstalige walkthrough van dit spel kunt u vinden
op de site van Marjo:
Wilt u nog meer leuke avonturenspellen bekijken? Kijk dan
eens even in mijn winkeltje. Alvast bedankt!

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