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Gobliins 4 is een hilarisch point&click cartoonadventure.

Beschrijving van het spel:

Those crazy Golbiiins are back – only this time funnier and more

entertaining than ever before!

The first three Gobliiins games have become a video gaming

legend and the legend is set to continue with Gobliiins 4. Re-live

your previous antics with your Gobliiin friends or discover the

Gobliiins crazy world for the first time in this hilarious adventure


In Gobliiins 4 you can play one of three very different characters in

15 missions. Your aim is to find the orycterope, Riri, the beloved pet

of the King. Finding Riri is the only way to cure the distraught

Regent’s manic depression. Join the three Golbiiin friends on their

mission, Wizard Perluis who can use his magic to muve useful items

at will, Tchoup the detective who has deep pockets in which he can

store useful items and lastly the Warrior Stucco who provides the

brawn to utilize the items they discover to help find Riri and save

the world!

Gobliiins 4 offers 15 fun pack, crazy levels with about 30 hours of

gameplay in total. You never know, if you make it to the end of the

adventure there might just be some secret levels for you to play

as well!


Sequel to the famous adventure game series

15 comprehensive and entertaining levels

Engaging 3D film quality cartoon graphics

3 Playable characters : Perluis the Wizard, Stucco the Warrior

and Tchoup the Detective

Secret, hidden bonus levels

More than 30 hours of gameplay


Windows XP (SP2) or Vista

1.0 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon Processor or better

DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D graphics card

512 MB of RAM

4 x DVD-rom drive

300 MB of free hard disk space

Het spel komt in een dvd-box en is nieuw en geseald!

De verzendkosten voor dit spel zijn 3,00 euro.

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