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Artikelcode: 6800 Jugendstil 143 pages color photos Soft cover 22 x 22 cm 0,580 kg English, French/Francais,Deutsch,Italiano,Espanol,Português With free CD-ROM Around 1880, a new decorative style developed in Europe that radically broke with prevailing artistic conventions. Variations of this style included Art Nouveau in France and Arts & Crafts in England. The variety that emerged in German-speaking countries became known as Jugendstil, literally ‘youth style’, typified by its flowing lines, stylizsed floral compositions and rich use of detail and colour. The importance and quality of this style is clear: it swiftly came to dominate practically all forms of European applied arts and architecture, and it survived well into the 1920s. Agile Rabbit Editions contain stunning images for use as a graphic resource, or inspiration. All the illustrations are stored in high-resolution format on the enclosed free CD-ROM and are ready to use for professional quality printed media and web page design. The pictures can also be used to produce postcards, or to decorate your letters, flyers, etc. They can be imported directly from the CD into most design, image-manipulation, illustration, word-processing and e-mail programs; no installation is required. For most applications, single images can be used free of charge. Please consult our section on image rights for conditions.

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