Boek : Dollhouse Decor - Creating soft furnishings in 1/12

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Artikelcode: 6919 Dollhouse Decor - Creating soft furnishings in 1/12 scale 168 pages color photos Soft cover 28 x 22 cm 0,725 kg English This book of needlework (soft furnishings) for dollhouses by the editors of International Dolls' House News contains projects similar to those in Pamela Warner's Miniature Embroidery for the Victorian Doll's House but has a broader scope, covering British styles from 1845 to the present. Projects for curtains, rugs, and accessories include descriptions of period furnishings, charts, patterns, and photos of the finished items in a dollhouse setting. These are cleverly designed needlework miniatures that add an authentic touch to period rooms and would be collectible in their own right by needlework enthusiasts