Boek : Collector's Guide to Prewar Lionel Trains 1900-1942

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Artikelcode: 6631 Collector's Guide to Prewar Lionel Trains 1900-1942 270 pages color photos Soft cover 20 x 13 cm 0,452 kg English With a handy and compact format you can conveniently carry this go-to train guide in your car, or keep it in a desk drawer as a quick reference while surfing auctions on the Internet. Sporting an incredible collection of more than 900 color photos, Collector's Guide to Prewar Lionel Trains, 1900-1942 will enable you to take your Lionel train collecting to new dimensions. With trusted train expert David Doyle at the helm, this one-of-a-kind guide with its 2,000 listings - covering 2 7/8-inch Gauge, Standard Gauge, O Gauge, OO Gauge and accessories, plus secondary market prices, is sure to give you an edge over fellow Lionel conductors.