AT-OC9ML/II Dual Moving MicroCoil Cartridge

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Moving Coil CartridgeThe AT-OC9ML/II Dual Moving MicroCoil™ cartridge is a significant achievement in precision manufacturing, with tolerances held to mere thousandths of an inch. Stringent quality control assures that these tolerances, as well as performance criteria, are maintained by every AT-OC9ML/II cartridge. In addition, the AT-OC9ML/II features:

  • Dual-coil system for maximum channel separation.
  • High-flux samarium cobalt magnet for improved electrical generation.
  • PCOCC coil windings for low-loss “transparent” signal transmission.
  • Gold-plated solid boron cantilever.
  • Microlinear stylus

“Enables purer transmission”The PCOCC coil enables purer transmission because it is not subject to grain boundaries in the direction of transmission.
“maximum channel separation”

Moving coil cartridge with MicroLine® diamond tip, for the best in clarity, transparency, precise stereo imaging, lower distortion and even wear for extended vinyl and stylus life.

A-T Vector-Aligned design, with two moving coils mounted at 90 degrees in place of the two moving magnets.

Frequency Response15-50,000 HzChannel Separation31/21 (dB at 1 kHz/10 kHz)Vertical Tracking Force1.25-1.75 gramsStylus ConstructionNude square shankRecommended Load Impedance20 ohmsOutput0.4 (mV at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)Channel Balance1.0 dBStylus ShapeMicroLine®CantileverGold-plated boronMountHalf-inch

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