AT-OC9ML/II Dual Moving MicroCoil™ Cartridge

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moving coil cartridge with microline® diamond tip, for the best in clarity, transparency, precise stereo imaging, lower distortion and even wear for extended vinyl and stylus life.

A-t vector-aligned design, with two moving coils mounted at 90 degrees in place of the two moving magnets.

Frequency response15-50,000 hz
channel separation
31/21 (db at 1 khz/10 khz)
vertical tracking force1.25-1.75 Grams
stylus construction nude square shank
recommended load impedance 20 ohms
output0.4 (Mv at 1 khz, 5 cm/sec)
channel balance1.0 Db
stylus shapemicro line ®
cantilever gold-plated boron mounthalf-inch

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