Vicky Hampton's working lunch

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Bored of overpriced ham-and-cheese sandwiches and packet soups from the canteen? If your workplace has a surface big enough to fit a chopping board, and perhaps a kettle or toaster at best, Vicky Hampton's Working Lunch is here to help. This compact cookbook is for people who are keen to make healthy, simple lunches, but who don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen. 
British-born Amsterdammer Vicky Hampton, better known for her blog, takes you through some 50 easy lunch recipes covering everything from fresh, vibrant salads to cool, summery soups, and from spicy couscous to pimped-up sandwiches. Vicky has been cooking since she could reach the kitchen counter in her dad's hotel, and has written for a string of international publications, including Eyewitness and Michelin guides to Amsterdam, the New York Times, The Guardian and Time Out.

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