The Low Sky in pictures

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Han van der Horst


zeer fraaie hardcover, nieuwstaat.

 - The Low Sky in Pictures: Understanding the Dutch - The Book That Makes The Netherlands Feel Familiar

Anyone raised in another country who goes to live in the
Netherlands soon gets used to it. Just when you think you know and understand
the country and its people, something unexpected will happen and you find that
you don't. In his successful book 'The Low Sky', historian and publicist Han
van der Horst explained not only how Dutch society works, but how it came to be
that way. In the process, he sketched the dilemmas and taboos of modern
Holland, and offered a run-down of the main themes of public debate. In this
book you can see for yourself the Netherlands described so graphically in the
first book. And for those who are living under a low sky for the first time, or
who still occasionally feel out of place, Han van der Horst provides a brand
new commentary, trying once again to make the Netherlands feel familiar to all
of us.

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