Singin' In The Rain - Soundtrack (Nieuw/Gesealed)

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1. Main Title
2. Dignity
3. Fit As A Fiddle (And Ready For Love)
4. Stunt Montage (extended version)
5. First Silent Picture (extended version)
6. Tango (Temptation)
7. All I Do Is Dream Of You
8. Gene Dreams Of Kathy
9. All I Do Is Dream Of You (outtake)
10. Make 'Em Laugh
11. Beautiful Girl Montage
12. Beautiful Girl
13. Have Lunch With Me
14. The Stage Is Set
15. You Were Meant For Me
16. You Are My Lucky Star (outtake) - From Singin' In The Rain (1952)
17. Moses
18. Good Morning
19. Good Night, Kathy
20. Singin' In The Rain
21. From Dueling To Dancing
22. Would You?
23. Broadway Melody Ballet (extended version)
24. Would You? End Title
25. Singin' In The Rain (In A-Flat) (extended version)
26. Finale
27. Main Title (alternate version)
28. Beautiful Girl (alternate version/tempo track)
29. Would You? (unused version)
30. Singin' In The Rain (radio broadcast)