PRE- en Mid IB REVISION COURSES in Amsterdam

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In Amsterdam from August 19 till August 23
5 days = 35 hours of lessons, the best preparation for next school year.

- Pre & Mid-IB preparation courses during the summer holiday, June - August 2019.
Pre IB programs, the perfect preparation for students starting the IB Diploma Programme after the summer break.
Mid IB programs, for students entering the final year of the IB Diploma Programme.

All our teachers are experienced IB teachers with many years of experience.

Our instructors

* Experienced, enthusiastic university-trained teachers with Master's and PhD degree, special educators and psychologists
* University teachers
* Examiners

Tutoring, face-to-face and online, is offered year-round for all IB-subjects, but also for the IGCSE,A-level curricula, AP courses, US high school, SAT.