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Interactive Digital Film Course

Over 80 hours of instructive fun!

Taalkeuze: Engels of Nederlands

* Learn from hundreds of famous film excerpts
* Simple operation, user friendly
* Interactive 3D-animation with virtual camera
* Camera, light, sound and composition
* Script writing and story telling
* Tips for making your own family or holiday movies

* ABCinema: World's First Interactive Digital Film Course

The film course ABCinema is for the beginner to the more experienced filmmaker. But it also appeals to the movie fan who is interested in film in general. ABCinema is informative, user friendly and offers a lot of fun.

* A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

ABCinema offers great features compared to a regular textbook because text and film have been integrated. ABCinema reads like a book and can be watched like a movie.

* Famous Movie Excerpts

ABCinema contains a large collection of known and lesser known film clips from 1878 until now. Each excerpt s an example of a new discovery: film language, editing, camera movement, image cutouts, sound, talkies, color film, acting method, etc.

* The Animation Player

Topics like "point of view", "direction of movement" or the "180 degree rule" are clearly illustrated in the animation player. For each subject, a scene in 3D has been designed. This scene comes to life on the floor plan, as well as in the 3D-player. Most animations have a practice version. You can move the camera or use camera movements like pan or tilt.

Table of Contents ABCinema:


* Preface
* Summary


* 01. A short history of film
* 02. Video
* 03. The digital camera
* 04. The virtual camera
* 05. Image composition
* 06. Sound

Theory and Practice:

* 07. Theory
* 08. Practice
* 09. Editing

Feature Film:

* 10. Behind the scenes
* 11. Script writing
* 12. Storytelling


* Structure
* Camera handling
* Registration
* Family movies
* Holiday movies
* Wedding movies
* Travel movies
* Documentary
* First feature film
* Decoupage on the spot


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Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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