Nora Roberts Heaven & Earth

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Nora Roberts Heaven & Earth
The international Bestseller
PAPERBACK - Uitgeverij Platkus
Ripley Todd is perfectly content, except for one thing: she
has special powers that both frighten and confuse her - and
through she tries hard to hide them, she can't get them under
control ......
Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of MacAllister
Booke - a researcher who's come to investigate the rumours
of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island. Right from the
start he knows there's something extraordinary about Ripley
Todd. Fascinated by her struggle with her amazing abilities, he
becomes determined tot help her accept who she is - and find
the courage to open her heart.
But before Ripley and Mac can dream of waht lies in the future
they must confront the pain of the past. For the isand shelters
centuries of secrets - and a legacy of danger that plagues them
still .....