Man With The Iron Fists Quentin Tarantino (CD) Nieuw/Gesealed

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1. The Man with the Iron Fists, film score

2. The Jungle Village

3. The Gold Lion

4. The Weapons Order

5. The Jack Knife

6. The The Brothel

7. The Rodent Fight

8. The Emperor's Gold

9. The Silver Lion Wants War

10. The Snake Charmer

11. The Zen Yi Rides In

12. The Alley Fight

13. The Geminis Arrive

14. The Mr. and Mrs. Gemini

15. The The Gemini Fight

16. The United in Death

17. The Zen's Request

18. The Jack up the Street

19. The Emperor's Duck

20. The Shipwrecked

21. The The Temple Monks

22. The Forging

23. The Blossoms Cave

24. The The Die is Cast

25. The Loading the Gold

26. The Black Widow's Theme

27. The The Man with the Iron Fists

28. The Face Off

29. The The Last Battle

30. The All Iron and No Rust