LoraWAN Gateway LPS8-868

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Brand new, minimally used LoraWAN Gateway LPS8-868


The LPS8 is a 10 + 1 Channel LoRaWAN Gateway. This allows you to connect your wireless LoRa network to an IP network via Wifi or Ethernet. The LPS8 is fully compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol and includes an SX1308 LoRa concentrator with two SX1257 LoRa transceivers.

The LPS8 has ten receive channels and one channel for transmitting at full duplex. This combination offers a higher capacity compared to a stand-alone SX1301 / SX1308 concentrator solution. It can handle up to 1000 LoRaWAN nodes from different suppliers.

1 x SX1308 + 2 x 1257 LoRa Tranceiver

Max Output Power: 20dBm

Sensitivity: -140dBm

1 x 10M / 100M RJ45 Ethernet Port

1 x 2.4G WiFi (802.11 bgn)

1 x USB host port

Power supply via USB Type-C: 5V, 2A


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