Kingsley Browne  -  Divided Labours  (Hardcover/Gebond…

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Kingsley Browne  -  Divided Labours  (Hardcover/Gebonden) Engelstalig

An Evolutionary View of Women at Work

"The "glass ceiling" metaphor describes an invisible barrier that prevents women from reaching the top levels of management. It assumes that the causes for this are within the organization and unrelated to inherent sex differences, says Kingsley Browne in this analysis of the differences between men and women in the workplace. Discussions of the "gender gap" in earnings also assume that the gap is due to employer oppression of women. But sex discrimination alone cannot account for these disparities, Browne contends. In a sophisticated application of evolutionary theory to human behavior, he argues that basic biological sex differences in personality and temperament account for much of the gender gap and the glass ceiling in the modern labour market."

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