Ken Blanchard - Full Steam Ahead (Hardcover/Gebonden) …

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In this easy-to-read book, written in the trademark Blanchard style, Jesse Stoner teams up with Ken Blanchard to offer simple truths and profound wisdom about how to create a clear, compelling vision for your organization and for yourself. They show where vision comes from, how it unleashes great power and energy, and how it provides ongoing focus and direction. They tell how to create the three key elements of an enduring vision: significant purpose, clear values, and a picture of the future. And they describe how to engage people in shaping meaningful visions and putting those visions to work in their organizations and their lives. The elements of vision are presented through an engaging fictional story about two people who are struggling to create their vision, one for a company and the other fo r family a nd personal life. Included in this story are numerous examples of visions, purposes, values, and pictures of the future that make these ideas easy to understand and apply. Readers will learn to shape a vision that resonates with their hopes and dreams and helps them achieve their highest potential.

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