Karen Casey - The Love Book (Engelstalig)

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Karen Casey  -  The Love Book (Engelstalig)

I was born in Lafayette, IN and moved to Minneapolis, MN in 1964. I taught elementary school for a few years and then pursued a graduate degree at the University of MN. I graduated with a Ph.D. in 1979. I published my first book, EACH DAY A NEW BEGINNING: DAILY MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN with Hazelden Publishing in 1982. It has been followed by the publication of 28 other books, the most recent of which is Living Long, Living Passionately. This book includes 75 essays on how to seek and then embrace our purpose as we age.  My focus as a writer is on the development of spiritual growth and strengthening one's twelve step recovery, and my personal experience is what I rely on, coupled with the wisdom I glean from the many people I walk among in the rooms of AA and Al-Anon. When I am not in front of the computer writing, I am likely giving a lecture or doing a workshop some where. I have spoken to tens of thousands world-wide over my forty year tenure in recovery rooms. From each experience my gratitude grows. And from each experience, my commitment grows to continue doing what brings my life such joy.

From the back cover: "I wrote these meditations on love because I believe all of us share the same struggles with self-knowledge, thus discovering love's home, and finding the courage to be honest and bulnerable with our fellow travelers, whose lives mirror our own and from whom we desire love. I've often been helped over a stumbling block or down an unfamiliar path by a few thoughtful lines or a friend's well- chosen words. I hope what you read here will serve you in your search as others' words have served me in mine." ..... "The Love Book" is a celebration of life for anyone who has struggled hard to learn to express, and to accept, love

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