HP GI02XL battery tab for HP Pavilion X2 12 HSTNN-LB7D…

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This lithium battery HP GI02XL tablet battery 4200mAh/33.36WH 7.6V, corresponding to the tablet battery model HP Pavilion X2 12 HSTNN-LB7D 832489-421 833657-005 The battery has undergone rigorous testing and repeated inspections, and the 100% replacement original battery is compatible with the original tablet battery. 1 year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee.
Best tablet battery HP GI02XL 4200mAh/33.36WH 7.6V
HP GI02XL battery
Product details:

Brand:HP tablet battery

Type: Li-ion-battery

Voltage: 4200mAh/33.36WH

Capacity: 7.6V

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New HP GI02XL battery High Quality Battery 4200mAh/33.36WH, 7.6V
Replacement Battery>> HP GI02XL 4200mAh/33.36WH 7.6V

Replace the following part numbers:

HP 832489-421
HP 833657-005
HP 849908-850
Fits the Following Models:
For HP Pavilion X2 12
For HP Pavilion X2 12-B000
For HP Pavilion X2 12-B010N
For HP Pavilion X2 12-B100NA
For HP Pavilion X2 12-B096MS
Charge limit voltage:8.7V


Tablet battery maintenance
How to charge?

If the tablet is equipped with a charger, you should try to charge it with a charger. The cradle charge has the ability to recognize data when charging, and it is charged with a small current. Although it takes longer than charging (the travel charge), this charging will make the battery more fully charged. At the same time, you should use a dedicated socket as much as possible, and do not share the charger with a home appliance such as a TV.

Is there any relationship between charging and charging?

It is best to turn off the tablet first when charging. Because the board of the tablet will heat up during charging, it may cause a transient increase in current and damage to the internal parts of the tablet.

How long is charging suitable?

The longer the charging time, the more the battery is fully charged and the more durable the battery is, this view is not correct. In fact, the capacity of the battery is fixed. After the battery is fully charged, the protection circuit of the charger will be automatically disconnected, but there will still be a small turbulence. Therefore, the correct charging time should be the best when the indicator light changes from red to green and then charged for one hour, so that it can be sufficient without damaging the battery. However, since the charger has protection measures for the battery, the charging time is too long and the battery will not be greatly damaged. But it is best not to exceed 24 hours.

Tablet maintenance policy

Tablet PCs are high-precision electronic circuit designs. Unless they are specially designed, most tablets are very resistant to dust and moisture. Therefore, users only have to develop good habits in order to extend the life of the tablet. To this end, experts recommend that when using a tablet in the wet and rainy summer, it is best to wear a holster. The holster is equal to adding a coat to the tablet. When it falls or encounters water, it can reduce the damage to the tablet, but it does not mean that the tablet will not be invaded after the holster is added. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention when using and placing tablets to avoid damage to the tablet.


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