Gardening in Small Spaces

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Peter McHoy

256 pages

Lorenz Books, 199 
ISBN 0 7548 0399 6 
soft cover

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- Introduction 
- Elements of Design 
- Features and Structures 
- Choosing Plants 
- Index 

Van de achterzijde:
- An indispensable guide to successfully creating a garden in the smallest of spaces - from a town garden to a tiny roof garden. 
- Looks at the basics of garden design, with examples of different garden styles, and advice on the best plan for you. 
- Clear guidance on creating features such as lawns, fences, walls and patios as well as trellising, arches and pergolas, and ponds and rock gardens. 
- Inspirational planting schemes with ideas for colour-themed borders, low-mainte nance gardens, and foliage and grass borders. 
- Helpful plant lists of the best plants for certain conditions, including sun and shade and difficult soils, as well as for creating architectural or tropical effects and year-round interest. 
- Step-by-step advice on containers, window boxes and hanging baskets, with a host of spectacular planting suggestions. 
- Over 700 colour photographs, including step-by-step projects throughout.

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