Frans Baartmans: 'Apah' - The Sacred Waters

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Frans Baartmans: 'Apah' - The Sacred Waters

An analysis of a primordial symbol in Hindu myths

How could man be indifferent to his surroundings? Embedded in man lies an awareness of the sacred, expressed through myths and symbols by an attitude of harmonious oneness with the world. These myths and symbols represent the reality of a single cosmic manifestation. They also suggest a common core of humanity, untrammelled by any difference of race, religion and culture. That may be an encouraging thought, when modern technological man still remains trapped by discrimination of various kinds.

The awareness of the sacrre presents man with the gift and the challenge of myths an symbols of liberation, unity, harmony and peace.

The symbol of 'Apah', The Sacred Waters, in the Vedic and later Hindu traditions in India is singularly attractive. It invites people from all over the world to India's holy waters.

The author brings together 250 'happenings' op Apah in a chain of symbolismlinking diverse aspects of the Universewith man's daily experience, without proclaiming for man an undeserved position of importance.

Uitg. B.R. Publishing Coproration, gebonden met stofomslag. In goede staat.



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