English Combex Vinyl Golly: piep-negertje

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English Combex Vinyl Golly collectors item Made in England in the 1950s by Combex, this adorable little (5.5" tall) vinyl golly is the personification of surprise. His wide open pie-cut eyes, raised eyebrows, watermelon mouth, and hands held out in front of him are all indicative of someone being seriously surprised. The golly is marked MADE IN ENGLAND and COMBEX number 1546, on the bottom. He is in very good condition and it squeaks!! This is an amusing and attractive item that would enliven any collection of golly memorabilia. Fraai piepnegertje. Verzamelobject. Hoogte 16 cm en circa 12-15 cm rond. Kan niet als brievenpost ivm piep.