Conway Twitty - The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection (3 CD) Nieuw/Gesealed

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Conway Twitty - The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection (3 CD) Nieuw/Gesealed


CD 1
1:It's only make believe
2:Danny boy
3:The story of my love
4:I need your lovin'
5:Born to sing the blues
6:Shake it up
7:Maybe baby
8:I'll try
9:I vibrate (from my head to my feet)
10:Double talk baby
11:Why can't i get through to you
12:Make me know you're mine
13:First romance
14:Hallelujah i love her so
15:Don't you know
16:My one and only you
17:Hey little lucy (don'tcha put no lipstick on)
18:When i'm not with you
20:Halfway to heaven.
CD 2
1:Mona lisa
2:Is a blue bird blue?
3:She's mine
4:Hey miss ruby
5:You win again
7:Judge of hearts
8:Goin' home
9:The hurt in my heart
10:What am i living for?
11:Tell me one more time
12:What a dream
14:Easy to fall in love
16:A whole lotta shakin' going on
17:The flame
18:Just because
19:Treat me nice
20:Foggy river .
CD 3
1:Lonely blue boy
2:C'est si bon (it's so good)
3:Eternal tears
4:Pretty eyed baby
5:Trouble in mind
6:Man alone
7:The next kiss (is the last goodbye)
8:Platinum high school
9:A million teardrops
10:It's driving me wild
11:Sweet sorrow
12:Portrait of a fool
13:Tower of tears
14:There is something on your mind
15:The pickup
16:Long black train
17:Above and beyond (the call of love)
18:(i wanna) live fast, love hard, die young
19:Turn around
20:Walk on by.

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