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 COMMON POSITIONAL PLAY 7 (CPP 7) Common positional play 7 (CPP 7) has been published in English! New draughts book by Johan Krajenbrink. Based on thirty years of training experience. Size: 170x240 mm and 108 pages. ISBN/EAN: 978-90-830601-7-0

A short passage from the introduction of Common positional play 7: This part is a sequel to GPS 6/CPP 6, but it can also be read separately which in fact applies to all the parts in this series. It is a sequel because it continues on the theme THIN POSITIONS. A lot can be said about it and there is so much to learn from it. It is a sequel because it is great if you can take your knowledge from the previous part and be able to show it here of course. In the previous part I tried to make the reader think about thin positions via one method and via one exercise. I tried to cram that method in through endless repetition. That might have been onesided. Certainly instructive, but perhaps somewhat tedious. If you have thoroughly studied the previous part, your technique in thin positions will have expanded enormously and you will now have a good method to evaluate every thin position. In this part about thin positions I will vary more in the type of exercise. That might be more fun and perhaps is just as instructive. It also is personal: in which way do you learn best? Of course the approach from the previous part will also return: it is a good way of looking at thin positions after all.