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Common positional play 2 (CPP 3) has been published in English! New draughts book by Johan Krajenbrink. Based on thirty years of training experience. Size: 170x240 mm and 111 pages. ISBN/EAN: 978-90-816975-9-0.

A short passage from the introduction of Common positional play 3:

“This part 3 is different from part 1 and part 2. To begin with it’s slightly more difficult again: a logical step at this point in the series. In this part 3 I base myself on my own experience and my work as trainer again. This part 3 contains pieces that match very well together. Pieces that I wrote, among others, for the so-called NST (Nationale Subtop Training) of the KNDB. All pieces have now been edited. All pieces have become better, bigger, adjusted, are well connected, other assignments were added and so forth. I expect and I hope that they suit the target audience of this series. Now as ever: it does not happen by itself, you have to put your utmost effort into it and you definitely have to do the assignments and not directly read my answers. Very occasionally I will not give an answer myself by the way, for example because I ask the reader for tips to become better at (draughts) associating himself.

In this part 3 I try to let the reader think about many subjects within a draughts training. All of the following subjects will be dealt with:

-          You might get a different look at draughts and how to train and play?

-          Associations: do you have them and are they useful as well?

-          The temperament of a player: can you guess who has which colour?

-          Do you play structurally or romantically?

-          What do you think is promising?

-          Can you predict the moves to come?

-          Can you come up with typical variations?

-          Can you more or less guess the opening after seeing a position after twenty moves?

-          You will calculate and analyze and draw conclusions.

-          You will think about time management.

-          You will think about defence.

-          You will learn a lot about technique.”

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