Common Positional Play 2

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Common Positional Play 2
Second edition 2024 of COMMON POSITIONAL PLAY 2 is published
Common positional play 2 has been published in English! New draughts book by Johan Krajenbrink. Based on thirty years of training experience. Size: 170x240 mm and 77 pages. ISBN/EAN: 978-90-816975-7-6.
A short passage from the introduction of Common positional play 2:
“When I gave Common positional play 1 its title I didn’t know for sure whether there would ever be a part 2. I understood I would have enough material and ideas, but would the first part be a success with the draughts players in our own country and players worldwide? Needless to say it´s a lot more motivating to publish when it´s actually sold, rather than to get stuck with an attic or basement filled with boxes of unsold books. In the first few weeks of the sale of Common positional play 1 I fortunately noticed that the book happened to catch on”.
“This book is pre-eminently suitable for the common draughts player. The common player can develop a lot with the help of this book. The common player is the main character of this book and that shows, for example, in the name index, as in part 1. What about very strong players, do they gain nothing from this book? I can’t be sure, but indeed I don’t believe a lot of top players have bought part 1. I would think: not very clever…. Knowledge of the game of common players
is essential to be productive. Moreover: isn’t it interesting for strong players to compare their opinions to my own?”