Common Positional Play 1

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Common Positional Play 1
Second edition 2024, of Common Positional Play 1 is published
Draughts book by Johan Krajenbrink.

Based on 30 years of training.
Format: 170x240 mm and 93 pages.
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-816975-5-2.

A short passage from the introduction to Common Positional Play 1:

“Common Positional Play 1 with ordinary themes that are ideally suited to ordinary players. For a long time I gave this book the title Nothing to worry about in my head because they are often positions that seem very ordinary, positions in which not much seems to happen. What's actually going on? But I think Common Positional Play 1 is a better title. All those collected diagrams, over all those years, are about the positional play of the ordinary draughts player. And I don't mean that in a derogatory way, why should I? It is the normal positional play that is almost unnoticeable. It is the ordinary positional play in all those ordinary games that does not stand out, and is therefore hardly, if at all, included in all those draughts textbooks. Looking at all those diagrams that I have collected over so many years: that is the basis for the ordinary draughts player. These are the themes that the ordinary draughts player can learn from. These are the themes that the ordinary draughts player encounters again and again.”