Calasaig - Making for the Shore

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1. The Dancer/Philip Begg's Conundrum/John Murray's 
2. My Son John/Miss Thompson
3. Farewell To Benavie/Dae You Love An Apple 
4. My Home Town/The Crags Of Tumbledown
5. Sally Gardens 
6. The Fourth Of July/Making For The Shore
7. Travelling West
8. Balshare
9. Farewell To Whisky
10.. Ramsden's Rant/Laura Beaton's Reel/Cough Up The Donal
11. The Spanish Cloak/The Shepherd's Wife
12. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/The Horn Concerto/Jimmy Wards/Out On The Ocean
13. How Can My Poor Heart
14. Avonhaugh

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