Boek : Venice - 3 Visions in Glass

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Venice - 3 Visions in Glass
467 pages
color photos
Hard cover
28 x 24 cm
2,724 kg

The “new Murano/Venice”, represented by the glass artists Cristiano Bianchin, Yoichi Ohira and Laura de Santillana, all of whom work in Murano, is attracting attention by widening the range of traditional techniques, forms and styles. All three artists have their own -distinctive ideas on working with glass so their pieces are some of the most exciting studio glass being produced anywhere in the world.
Cristiano Bianchin, born in Venice, juxtaposes transparent, translucent and opaque glass vessels with tactile hemp coverings. This subtle shift between texture and translucence is a characteristic of Bianchin’s work illustrating his heritage and curiosity of glass. Laura de Santillana, a granddaughter of Paolo Venini, founder of the celebrated Venini Venetian art glass works, is one of the few women glass designers in Murano. Her works are notable for striking sculptural forms and colours reminiscent of 1950s Colour Field painting. Born in Japan, Yoichi Ohara has been living and working in Murano for more than thirty years. The synthesis he has achieved of traditional Japanese aesthetics and Murano art glass makes him one of the most important contemporary creators of art glass worldwide.

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