Boek : Ultimate Garages II

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Artikelcode: 7300 Ultimate Garages II 191 pages color photos Hard cover with dust jacket 29 x 29 cm 1,690 kg English For the ultimate group of car collectors and restorers, only the ultimate garage will do. In this larger, lavishly illustrated sequel to the best-selling Ultimate Garages, author Phil Berg takes readers inside more than two dozen exotic private garages that house some of the rarest and most beautiful cars in the world. For these enthusiasts, a garage is more than just a place to store and service cars. It's often a showroom designed to display their collections in the best possible light, complete with automotive memorabilia, vintage posters and photographs, and in some cases even Hollywood-style sets. The 192-page book, which includes 260 color photographs, profiles 23 great garages, explaining how they were built and what they are used for. The stories behind these remarkable buildings and the collections they contain reflect the unique personalities and passions of their owners. There s the Jaguar collector who plans to move his house to make room for an enlarged garage. The Michigan native who hosts the industry s top car designers at weekly gatherings on his farm outside Detroit. And a retired newspaper owner who drives his vintage Formula One Ferrari on the test track built next to his eight-car garage. Loaded with anecdotes from each owner and illustrated with hundreds of photographs, Ultimate Garages II is the ultimate insider s tour of the distinctive homes of nearly every type of car: from concours-winning Duesenbergs and Pierce-Arrows to classic hot rods and retired racers. Berg also offers market and technical data about each structure for readers interested in creating their own Ultimate Garage.

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