Boek : The BSA Bantam Bible - All Models 1948-1971

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Artikelcode: 7382 The BSA Bantam Bible - All Models 1948-1971 154 pages color and some b&w photos Hard cover with dust jacket 26 x 22 cm 0,900 kg English Year-by-year, change-by-change evolution details • A complete history of the Bantam • How it came about – postwar reparations from Germany • Bantam cousins – Harley and Russian ‘Bantams’ • Success! – the early years • Growing up – the 148cc and 175cc Bantams • Tragedy – lack of development leads to decline • What might have been – could the Bantam have survived? • Useful contacts • Facts & figures • What to look for when buying a secondhand Bantam Year-by-year evolution of the BSA Bantam, a simple commuter bike that thousands learnt to ride on. It became the standard GPO ‘telegram bike’ in the 1950s and was a huge success, with 100,000 built in the first four years of production. It’s a story with interesting asides, like the Hummer, Harley-Davidson’s version of the DKW that inspired the Bantam, and survived into the 1960s. But it’s a sad story too – BSA failed to follow up the Bantam’s early success by developing it, and by the mid-1960s it was looking outdated, especially next to the new breed of four-stroke Hondas. That the Bantam was allowed to fizzle out in 1971 symbolised the state of the industry that produced it, but today there’s a thriving community of Bantam owner/riders. The book ends with a guide to buying a secondhand Bantam, along with useful appendices on specifications, engine/frame numbers, and contacts among the clubs and Bantam specialists. Every Bantam owner, or would be owner, needs this book - the Bantam Bible!