Boek : Kawasaki (K) Z1000 Z1-R

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Artikelcode: 7380 Kawasaki (K)Z1000 Z1-R 207 pages color and some photos Hard cover with dust jacket 25 x 20 cm 0,740 kg English Designed as Kawasaki's response to the ground-breaking Honda CB750 of 1969, the Kawasaki 900 Super 4 Model Z1, affectionately referred to by many as the 'Z1', appeared in 1972. It took the motorcycling world by storm and has a strong claim to be the world's first true ultimate superbike. Thirty years on, the (K)Z1000 Z1-R has emerged as one of Kawasaki's most desirable and sought after collectables from the 1970s. This book will help the reader appreciate the ever-evolving Japanese motorcycle styling and the introduction of various technologies as standard equipment, and just how sensational and unique these motorbikes really were. * The history of the background and development of the Z1-R * Full technical specifications * Model and market differences * Detailed information for the restorer