Boek : In the Neoclassic Style

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Artikelcode: 7321 Dit boek is nieuw, maar niet in perfecte staat! Ce livre est neuf, mais ne pas en parfait ├ętat(usage magasin)! This is a new book, but not in perfect condition(shelf wear)! In the Neoclassic Style Empire, Biedermeier and the Contemporary Home 158 pages color photos Soft cover 25 x 25 cm 0,822 kg English Empire, the sleek, rich style of the Napoleonic era, is at the heart of the revival of classical themes in interior design. This work celebrates the legacy of objects left by this style - from couches to cabinets, wall hangings to murals, and silverwork to porcelain - and shows how these classic forms can be reused in today's homes, whether an elegant salon or a minimalist structure of glass and steel. The final chapter illustrates interior styles by designers such as Michael Graves, John Saladino and Bob Patino to show the limitless possibilities of the neoclassic style.

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