Boek : Care and Repair of Antiques and Collectables

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Care and Repair of Antiques and Collectables - A Step-by-step Guide
288 pages
color photos
Hard cover
26 x 23 cm
1,340 kg

Wear and tear or simple old age can take their toll on many of your possessions. Can I recycle a chair I've seen in a junk shop so that it suits my decor? How can I preserve my grandmother's patchwork quilt? "Care & Repair of Antiques and Collectables" shows you how to mend a wide range of items as well as look after them to prevent further signs of ageing or damage so that they will bring you pleasure for years to come. Using clear, step-by-step photographs and specialist tricks of the trade you will see how easy it can be to restore your treasured possessions - from furniture to ceramics and glass and silver to marble and rugs . New sections cover caring for Modern furniture, books, maps and prints, photographs, dolls and teddy bears. 

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