Boek : 1000 icons, symbols + pictograms

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Artikelcode: 7323 1000 icons, symbols + pictograms - Visual Communications for Every Language 320 pages color and b&w illustrations Soft cover 23 x 23 cm 1,033 kg English A catalog of 1,000 symbol and icon designs in an affordable format . Pictorial symbols are, in some respects, superior to words as a form of communication. If well-designed, they can be understood by people of all different races and cultures and can be recognized by children literally years before they learn to read. Symbols can be identified more quickly than words, making them especially useful in situations where fast reactions are required (e.g., control panels in airplanes.) As a result, symbols are of the utmost importance to graphic designers and their ever-present challenge to create effective visual communication for their clients. Like Rockport's other '1,000' series books, this collection of designs provides a virtual catalog of ideas for designers to look to for creative inspiration. No matter what type of job or client presents itself, designers can view the work of 1,000 other talented designers to find unique and distinctive elements and influences.

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