Blauwgele ara gezocht

  • Aantal keer bekeken 225x bekeken
  • Datum geplaatst 2 jaar geleden geplaatst


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I have an excellent address to offer for a blue and yellow macaw. A rest and night accommodation with a surface of 124 x 122 cm in a separate guest room.

In principle, I am always present and can therefore give the bird all the necessary attention to prevent boredom and stress. Normally, the bird is outside the resting and sleeping quarters and can / may also move freely outside. Free flying is possible.

The condition is a natural breeding bird (so 16 weeks not separated from the parents but raised as a result - this is a legal requirement in the Netherlands) with a fixed ring that has not (or has been) trimmed. Age is unimportant but not a "circus" bird that knows all kinds of tricks and mimics unnatural sounds.


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