Amitav Chakravarti  -  Why People Don't Buy  (Hardcove…

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Amitav Chakravarti  -  Why People Don't Buy  (Hardcover/Gebonden)  Nieuw Engelstalig


The Go and Stop Signals

223 pagina's

Crafting successful marketing strategies requires two skills: the ability to diagnose why consumers are not buying, and the ability to predict how marketing actions will change consumer behavior.

Drawing from a rich repertoire of consumer behavior theories which are only found in scientific journals, the authors offer a unique and extensively-tested 'GO-STOP Signal Framework', which allows managers to understand why consumers are not buying their product and helps them to predict how to change consumer behavior. This highly readable book is full of practical diagrams and maps, as well as international case studies to exemplify the framework's value, to show that it is useful in explaining paradoxical consumer behavior, why smart managers make strategic mistakes, and how to avoid such mistakes.

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