20 years of Jethro Tull

  • Aantal keer bekeken 113x bekeken
  • Datum geplaatst 16 jaar geleden geplaatst


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5 LP-set: Jethro Tull: 20 years of Jethro Tull. The definitive collection. A specially-compiled 65-track set, featuring rare recordings, unreleased masters and essential Tull, includes a 24 page colour booklet. Chrysalis records, 1988. In perfecte staat. Record 1: the radio archives: song for Jeffrey, love story, fat man, bourrée, stormy monday blues, a new day yesterday, cold wind to Valhalla, minstrel in the gallery, velvet green, Grace, the clasp, pibroch (pee-break) black satin dancer (instrumental), fallen on hard times Record 2: the rare tracks: Jack Frost and the hooded crow, I'm your gun, down at the end of your road, coronach, summerday sands, too many too, march the mad scientist, pan dance, strip cartoon, king Henry's madrigal, a stitch in time, 17, one for John Gee, aeroplane, sunshine day. Record 3: flawed gems: lick your fingers clean, the chateau d'isaster tapes a) scenario b) audition c) no rehearsal, beltane, crossword, saturation, Jack-A-Lynn, motoreyes, blues instumental (untitled), rhythm in gold. Record 4: the other sides of Tull: part of the machine, mayhem maybe, overhang, kelpie, living in these hard times, under wraps 2, only solitaire, cheap day return, wond'ring aloud, dun ringill, salamander, moths, nursie, life's a long song, one white duck/0=nothing at all. Record 5: the essential Tull: songs from the wood, living in the past, teacher, aqualung, locomotive breath, witch's promise, bungle in the jungle, farm on the freeway, tick as a brick, sweet dream.

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