Very special donation offer of 697,000 euros

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Good evening !!
Excuse me in this way to address you, in short, I call myself LACHAUX NICOLE ODETTE,
i am 81 years old and am currently in the united states for my
Treatment. I suffer from a serious illness that is one of the most likely deaths, that is throat cancer, and I have a sum of 697,000.00 euros that I would like to donate to a person. Trust and honesty so that he can use it well . I own a petroleum import business in Canada and.
I lost my husband 7 years ago, which affected me very much and I haven't been able to remarry until today
We didn't have any children, so I want to make a donation with this money. my death may my days be numbered
without this disease, I had no cure but a sedative. In the United States, I don't want to know if you can benefit from this gift.
I asked you to answer me.
Whatsapp: +33755964577

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